February 15, 2012

Where/how do I store my yarn?

  I was ask in my previous blog post (storage box), where/how do you store your yarn? Great question.
  I don't have a specific way on how to store it since I buy yarn as I need it (crazy, right. hehe). My left over yarn which I do have quite a bit I keep it in this tote that my son made me when he was 3yrs old in his 1st year of preschool (in Mexico kids do three years of preschool). In Ravelry, theirs the stash option where you take a picture of your yarn and track how much you have left of each yarn skein. This option has work great for me. But I do dream of having one day a room just for me with a wall full of yarn neatly organized by color and yarn weight. :)
My son's hand prints. aww.. <3
- Janet

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frogfr34k said...

Awww that's so cute :)