January 5, 2012


  Its been a year since I pick up my first hook and decide to teach myself how to crochet. Within my fist year, I was able to created my own patterns. I am amaze at myself that I was able to make and write down my own stuff that I could share with the whole world. :) I absolutely love my hobby and can see myself 30 years from now crocheting for my grandchildren.
  Not only did I learn to crochet, I also taught my self to knit. I'm still learning. Hopefully by next year I hope to have gotten better in my knitting and made this cardigan and several others.
  I must say that YouTube helped a great deal. Thanks to all the ladies that uploaded their videos to help others. Thank you so much. :) Ravelry...I’m just glad I found this site. Theirs so many great patterns and the people are absolutely wonderful. Whenever I got stuck in a pattern, they always help me out. ♥

- Janet


mrsalphageek said...

I found your blog through Ravelry and I love your creative patterns. You are very talented Janet!

Janet said...

@mrsalphageek, thank you. :)